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About Dawi Clinics

Dawi is a chain of medical clinics in Egypt. Dawi aims to provide families with comprehensive medical services and unique healthcare checkup programs through implementing internationally recognized standards and the concepts of holistic medical care.

In order to provide families with the utmost care and comfort, Dawi Clinics are open every day including weekends and public holidays. Doctors in all major medical specialties including internal medicine, pediatrics, and dentistry are available throughout the day while specialties and sub-specialties are available at specific times.

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عيادات طبية بمدينة نصر والمعادي داوى

Dawi Services

You deserve to receive medical care in comfort and at convenient times.

International standards 

You deserve to receive medical services that conform to internationally recognized standards and that are consistent throughout our branches.

Individual care 

You deserve medical care that prioritizes your health and well-being and programs that are designed specifically to meet your healthcare needs.

Convenient services

You deserve to receive medical care in complete comfort.

Affordable care

You deserve to receive healthcare services that are reasonably priced.