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child medical check up

Back to School Program

Child Medical Check up

Dawi’s doctor will thoroughly examine the child starting with the vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate and including examination of the chest and heart, abdomen ,posture and gait, nervous system, etc. In addition, the doctor will measure the child’s weight and height and calculate the body mass index (BMI) in order to evaluate the child’s growth. The doctor will also perform a screening vision and hearing exam to rule out visual impairment and hearing problems.

Recording the child’s medical history

At Dawi, we enter comprehensive data about the child’s health into our state-of-the-art electronic medical records (EMR) system so that they are easily accessible in the future and through any of Dawi’s locations. The medical record includes a variety of pertinent information including vaccination/immunization history, allergies, past and current medical conditions, medications taken and other essential information.

Dental Exam and Dental Hygiene Guidance

The program includes a thorough dental examination by a qualified dentist, who will also guide the child and his/her parents to the best way to care for the teeth as well as the correct brushing technique to avoid decay and other tooth and gum diseases.

Parent Education and Guidance

The doctor will answer any questions the parents might have regarding the child’s health and will guide them to how best to maintain the child’s health. He/she will also advise on adequate nutrition according to the child’s age and health status.

فيديوهات داوى

?Why Do a medical Check-Up for your Children

The program was designed to assess and document the various aspects of the child’s health as well as rule out many medical conditions that are rather common in children but are not easily detected by non-specialists.

Some medical issues that can affect your child’s health and school performance.

  • Refractive errors such as nearsightedness affect school performance
  • Inadequate nutrition can lead to obesity and weight gain
  • Middle ear infections can affect hearing acuity
  • Anemia can lead to lethargy and difficulty with concentration
  • Behavioral issues can result from sleep disorders and nutritional deficiencies

In addition to many other medical conditions that can be detected and/or prevented through screening.

Our back to school program allows the doctor to detect these problems and many others and start adequate treatment to remedy the situation before it negatively affects the child’s health or school performance. Dawi’s doctors will also answer any questions the parents may have about the child’s health and guide them to the best ways to maintain it as well as how to deal with any medical problems that may arise.

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