About Us

DAWI Clinics Chain

DAWI is a chain of integrated family clinics based in Egypt. DAWI aims to provide families with comprehensive medical services and unique healthcare programs through implementing internationally recognized standards and the concepts of holistic medical care In order to provide families with the utmost care and comfort, DAWI clinics are open every day including weekends and public holidays.

About Us

Doctors in all major medical specialties including internal medicine, pediatrics and dentistry are available throughout the day while specialties and subspecialties are available at specific times.

Your primary physician provides you with continued medical care and follows up on your health and wellbeing. We choose our medical team with the utmost care and according to strict criteria. They receive training programs based on the latest international guidelines that are regularly reviewed and updated by a medical counsel consisting of experts in the various medical specialties.

Our concept for comprehensive healthcare is embodied in designing health programs to fit every family member according to their age and medical needs. Prevention and early detection of diseases reduces healthcare costs and improves the family’s health and wellbeing. Following organization-wide protocols and guidelines in diagnosis and treatment allow us to provide the highest quality of care that is consistent across time and locations. Using the latest medical records technology allows easy and secure access to patient information, greatly enhancing follow-up effectiveness.

DAWI Services

You deserve to receive medical care in comfort and at convenient times


You deserve to receive personal attention. We strive to achieve this by following a patient-centric approach and applying health programs designed specially to suit your needs at every stage of life.

We are keen to build a strong and personal relationship between all team members and our patients and to allow sufficient time during medical checks so we can answer all your questions.


You deserve to receive consistent medical service at international standards in all our branches. We strive to achieve this by hiring the best doctors, providing them with continuous training, complying with evidence-based processes and applying strict treatment guidelines and supervision programs on our medical team by the best consultants and professors.


You deserve to be able to afford your medical treatment

Our evidence-based approach ensures no unnecessary procedures are required. Our focus on preventative medicine lowers healthcare expenses in the long run.


You deserve to receive medical care in complete comfort. That’s why we are rapidly expanding our network of clinics to be at a location near you, 12 hours a day every day, even on holidays and weekends. We also strive to recruit the best doctors, minimize waiting time and provide tests and investigations in one place as well as promoting a friendly inviting environment in all our clinics.

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