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Book “Postnatal Checkup for Mother & Baby” Package

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Gynecology Consultation The doctor will check your post-delivery recovery and will give you needed advice regarding contraceptives and leading a healthy life.
General Checkup Postnatal checkup to make sure you are healthy and back in shape. The internist will also give you the advice you need regarding natural breastfeeding and any questions you might have.
Dental Checkup Because pregnancy may affect your teeth, Dawi offers you a dental checkup to detect issues early and deal with them promptly.
Psychiatric Advice To deal with the challenges of a new baby, the psychiatrist will help you navigate this new phase of your life.
Pediatric Checkup The doctor will perform thorough checkup on your newborn to check health and development and will answer any questions you may have.

Dawi cares about you at every stage of your life

Postnatal Checkup for Mother & Baby for 500 EGP instead of 820 EGP

*For a limited time only. Terms & conditions apply